Getting started with Metamask

Metamask is an add-on for browsers like Chrome or Firefox that allows you to connect you with the blockchain, so you don’t have to run an Ethereum node by your own.

November 10, 2018. Category: Tutorial

There are many dApps where users require Metamask to work on them. But why? Why is this? In short terms, Metamask is an add-on for browsers like Chrome or Firefox that allows you to connect you with the blockchain, so you don’t have to run an Ethereum node by your own. It is safe and you don’t have to be an expert in crypto to use it.


Installing Metamask

We recommend Chrome and Firefox to play Darkwinds. Visit to get the official add-on. Don’t search for Metamask in search engines, use the official address provided. Once enabled, a small icon on your browser. Click it and it will ask you to try the new version. Click “Try it now”, it will take you to another web site:

If this is the first time you use Metamask, you will be required to create a password. Do it and accept the terms.

Then, Metamask will show you a “Secret backup phrase”. This is called “mnemonic”, and it will allow you to restore and recover your account in case you lose it, or if you want to use your Metamask wallet in another computer. These words can’t be shared with anyone, and you must keep them in a secure place. If you lose them, there’s no way to recover your Ether, neither your crypto collectibles. Metamask and Darkwinds cannot be responsible for any kind of lost.

After you save your phrase, Metamask will ask you to write it down and confirm it.

With all those steps followed, your Metamask wallet is almost ready.

After that, with your credentials, you must login clicking the small icon:

Log in to Metamask

After you log in, make sure you are in the Main Ethereum Network. If you don’t have Ethereum, we suggest you to buy some Coinbase or Poloniex. If you are in South America, we suggest

To transfer funds to your account, copy your Ethereum Address to your clipboard, and paste it whenever you need to transfer funds. If you have a friend that already owns Ether, and wants to share a little with you so that you can give it a try, share your address with her/him.

Copy your address

In my case, I have 0.046 ETH. I’m ready to purchase some cards in the Store and play.

Now that you have your Metamask wallet, and that you are in the Main Ethereum Network, you are ready to visit Darkwind´s web site. If this isn’t the case, this is what you will see if you hit PLAY NOW:

Without Metamask

If you have Metamask, but not unlocked, this is what you will see:

Metamask locked

But is everything is OK, then you will see this:

Metamask unlocked

Ta dam! Now you are ready to be a pirate! And your crew is your deck of cards.

Buying cards

Remember: you need 10 cards in your deck to play.

Visit the Store, select your booster pack, and pay attention:

A notification will appear in the Metamask icon. It shows how many ETH your purchase will cost, the gas fee that you will pay (this is the cost for mining the card) and in the end is the total (card + gas fee). In my case, I am purchasing 1 crypto collectible card, and it costs 0.003549 eth or $0.76 USD.

Using Metamask to buy a crypto collectible card from Darkwinds

Once your purchase is done, your new card will appear in your Deck and you are one step closer to match your opponents.

If you have further questions, please join us on Discord.

Become a crypto pirate!