The art of deck building

The art and essence of Darkwinds

November 23, 2018. Category: strategy

Choose your style

To understand how to build a good deck, it’s important to think on how you will try to win. During our game design process we spent countless hours to make sure there’s more than one way to win, and they are:

You can also combine two, or all the different styles. There’s even perhaps a fourth one that we didn’t plan out for. Will you be able to discover it?

Deck Testing

It’s very important to try different variants of your deck and play against other opponents with different decks and strategies to learn about your strong and weak points of every card and the correct way to combine them in one turn.

The best way to do it is in the Quick Match mode of the game, where you only gain experience but your skill rating is not modified. There’s also other people testing decks so you’ll find a greater variesty of escenarios to learn from.

Is you see enough times an enemy card that destroys your strategy, look for the one that counters it.

Weigh in the Luck factor

Dont overlook the luck factor. Sometimes you’re out of luck and your oponent might have the best hand of their life. If you lose, it doesn’t always mean your deck sucks. Consider giving it another chance.

Look in the market for your missing card

If the only thing missing from your dream deck is a specific card, remember that the magic of NFTs is that you can trade them outside the game. You can look for a specific card and buy it in the Darkwinds marketplace.

Want some examples?

The Darkwinds game design team built a couple of examples so you can see what we are talking about.

The Deceitful Explorer

With this deck, you will have enough staying power to slowly sink your opponent. Your own health will not be at risk with a combination of blocking Buccaneers and healing Spells, which you can also use to further boost your blockading allies. A card like Kraken stalls your rival’s play, shifting its focus while you prepare your last play: a Black Dagger will allow you to stab your rival when it least expects. Check it out at OpenSea!

The Dreaded Murderer

Why trust others when you can wreck havok yourself? This deck is all about the splashy, high-risk high-reward plays. Your rival has big blocking allies? No worries. Go over them with this deck’s Assault spells, including two that damage ALL of your rival’s (and yours, but you don’t care right?) Buccaneers, and finish spectacularly with a powerful Mental Cannon, making your rival wonder what kind of $#*% has just happened.

The Damned Plunderer

If you sink your opponent first, you don’t have to worry much about your health, right? This cards will allow you to swiftly deal damage, with little to no regard to their own health. Given the right conditions, you can deal enormous amounts of damage as fast as possible. The Black Corsair is there to help you push the envelope with its quick 3 points of damage. A couple of spells won’t hurt, so you have a heal and damaging spell to complement your allies.

Good luck. You will need it!

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