The Revenge of Dark Septus

Notes found in an abandoned prison

January 7, 2019. Category: Story

One of the most feared and hated Pirates of all Thar kingdoms because of their madness and eagerness to provoke chaos in the world. He is the younger brother of King Henry X and since childhood manifested a mental imbalance that his parents tried to heal, but even the most powerful sorcery could restore the calm in the chaotic mind of septus, as it seemed to be possessed by a dark force that atorment ABA Day and night. For this reason, his parents decided to send him to the sanctuary of Myr, where he would be cared for by the magical hands of the Sacerdotiza Marianne Morningstar, but the vessel that carried septus to the island, was attacked by a gigantic creature which was believed extinct: the Kraken.


After the battle with the gigantic creature, the boat sank and all of its crewmen perished, all but Septus, who managed to survive after starting a small boat. The army of the Thar Kingdom went out on their quest but they never got their body, so they declared him dead. His solitary sojourn at sea made his madness become deeper and his hatred for humans grew. One night a pirate ship appeared from the fog and with its few forces shouted for help. The “Hurting Claw” appeared in the mist and its crews collected the weak body of septus.

To be Continued…

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