The dark story of Black Corsair

Notes found in an abandoned prison

December 26, 2018. Category: Story

A cold wind began to blow at the same time as the tip of a sword sank in my nape. He had found me. I don’t know how, but it was behind me and with it, all the weight of death. He made me stand up and walk with my hands on my back. He didn’t say anything to me all the way until we got to his boat. That’s when the horror seized me. Dozens of curtailed bodies hung from the gunwales. Some seemed to moan and others were pecked by seagulls. Perhaps it was fatigue or knowing that I was going to a darker place than death, but I felt the boat was watching me and somehow I was smiling. We climbed up the platform, always with the tip of his sword on my back. When I reached the main deck I saw a long dark crystal that covered the whole floor and from that crystal arose ghostly hands that tried to cling to my feet, as if my last breath of life transformed their arms into wings. When I got up on that deck, a strong dizziness gripped my head and from that moment the memories are ambiguous. I only remember the cries and shrieks that were heard when he raised the anchor and the boat began to get away from the island. But above all the moans and shrieks, the laughter of the boat and the breath of the faceless executioner was always heard..


I was in places where horrors are born and where the souls are devoured by gigantic creatures without form. I saw a great serpent emerge from the depths and heard the horrible song of Olympeia. Thousands of terrors that approached us and sang a guttural melody, a melody that made my whole being vanish in time and take me to the first days of the world. But all this appears in my head as an eternal nightmare, which is erased with the passing of days. Now I find myself in a cell. I don’t know how long I’ve been unconscious. The Black Corsair had abandoned me on an island and would have taken the only important thing in this whole story: The Black Dagger. The only edge that can cut the magic strings that tie the great Bahamut. Once they release him, they’ll come for my blood and bathe with her. The blood of the last vestige of the great lords of the beginnings of the Times…

A new era of chaos is about to begin…

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