The Knife McCraken Story

Blood, fierce pirates, abominable creatures and liters of rum

November 28, 2018. Category: Lore

John “Knife” McCraken was a born into a wealthy family, owners of the most powerful vessels of all Thard. Since childhood he felt a great fascination for the marine world. He always showed a profound interest in daggers and combat knifes, which his father collected. He was always seen fencing and practicing his attacking chops, and so in the realm of the McCraken’s he was known simply as “Knife”.
​ Although he was the youngest of five brothers, he showed great affinity for his father’s enterprises and followed him on his business voyages. This allowed him to learn about different cultures and realms, but also to experience first hand when pirates boarded their ship or when mythical creatures threatened to take over the expedition. When John became 15 his father was murdered by a group of pirates leaded by Dark Septus, who were seeking to steal a big ship to embark into the Forbidden Seas. After this painful experience John became filled by anger and a lust for revenge, so he set sail together with his four other brothers searching for his father’s murderer, which would prove very difficult given the power that Dark Septus had accumulated after he was expelled from the realm of Itova by his brother, King Henry X. Upon learning their desire for vengeance, Dark Septus sealed a malefic omen with the great snake Jörmundgander where the creature would feed itself from the blood of one of the most reputed and powerful families in the world, and Dark Septus could rest assured their enemies were destroyed.


One dark, stormy night Jörmundgander and other horrific sea snakes emerged from the depths of the sea, wreaking havoc upon the vessels of the McCraken siblings. The McCrakens fought fiercelly against their foes, but ultimatly they were defeated. The sole survivor was the young Knife, who managed to escape from the massacre hiding between the debris. He spent 40 days drifting away floating over a wood plank, until he was rescued by Bundol, The Wise, an old seaman who had great affinity with sea creatures with whom he was able to communicate, and who was also known as a very capable healer. Bundol treated and cured the wounds of the last of the McCrakens, who slowly began recovering his might. As a token of his gratitude, John helped Bundol to look for unknown sea creatures so he could study them and compile his studies into his famous books. In his time with Bundol, he learned about the vast amount of marine creatures but also improved his fighting skills. He also became addict to rum, which was the only way to forget his past… maybe too much, because it recurrenty gave him nightmares and allucinations. After spending four years navigating the seas, Knife bid farewell to the old Bundol and set course to Doom, a haven for dangerous criminals and pirates, and where Dark Septus supposedly had his lair. ​

With a combat knife in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other, Knife McCraken will begin his hunt to avenge his family!

Knife McCraken

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