The birth of a heroine: Princess Eleanor

This is the story of Eleanor, princess of the Great Isle of Itova, who seeks to become the most powerful warrior in the world and to navigate across the Forbidden Seas to show that nothing can come across her aiml to dominate the Seven Seas.

October 12, 2018. Category: Lore

Eleanor is the only child of Queen Elizabeth V and King Henry IX. From a very young age she began to show a deep interest in joining her father in activities like hunting or attending meetings with the crown´s counselors and the army´s high commanders. As the years passed, she became an expert in the arts of war and the sea life. She very much enjoyed sneakinf out of class to go trainning with the soldiers or visiting to the docks to spend time with the sailors. This was the way she learned great skills on how handle weapons and how to manage all kinds of ships.

The Darkwinds

The day Eleanor came of age, a dark and strange storm hit the kingdom of Itova, striking with fear and terror as its power sunk hundreds ships, destroyed the harbour and caused panic and nightmares to the kingdom’s citizens. Even worse, the king dissappeard. After this event, the people of Itova named the storm: Darkwinds When the princess heard the news about her father’s disappearance, she decided to embark herself on a crusade for his rescue, disobeying her mother’s pleas and the high commanders advice that tried to warn her about the sinister powers of the Darkwinds. Even though she was told that her father was dead, she was suspicious of Dark Septus, Henry’s lost brother who had just returned from a long trip to the Forbidden Seas and who would be second successor to the throne of Itova if something happened to the king.

The princess, guided by her heart, decided to persevere with her plans, because deep inside she was sure that her father was still alive. She sought for the fastest ship and gathered the most powerful men to become the members of her crew. She stole the realm’s treasures and set sail towards the Forbidden Seas, where she will confront fearless pirates and unknown creatures that will try to stop her from accomplishing her mission.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Eleanor

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