The Secret Santa has begun

Give a cryptocard and get another one from a secret player!

January 5, 2019. Category: Engineering

Despite all the hatred and greed in this world, there is a time when pirates gather to celebrate the existence of Rum in a festival they called “The Secret Santa” where they have to give away a very precious object taken from their booties and treasures. Gulls are responsible for collecting these gifts and distributing them around the world, but before taking flight they drink a glass of rum and then they get lost on the horizon

To participate in this event, you must enter into your Card Book and choose the card you want to give, and transfer it to the following address: 0xa218D9bC7e3ccD7e8ebA94723F2d82Aaf881934E


Please note, you are only allowed to send one single card to Secret Santa, any other card you send will be ignored and not sent. Once sent, you must wait until December 31st, 2018, the day on which the gifts sent by all the pirates who participated in this celebration will be scrambled and ready to be claimed.

You will see a notification on the game’s main screen that will allow you to claim your gift from Secret Santa, and after it is succesfully claimed, an alert will appear on the Loot menu indicating that a drunken gull left you a gift.

Join this important celebration, let’s drink and sing until dawn!


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