The Giant Octopus Challenge

The best Darkwinds players will be rewarded each week for killing a Blockchain 'Monster Contract'

December 11, 2018. Category: Engineering

From the depths of the Forbidden Seas arises,“Bulggor The Giant Octopus” an abominable creature that was believed dead, after it was defeated by the army of the ancestors of King Henry X two hundred years ago, a battle that would be remembered by the complete extermination But the Dark Septus wizards would have found traces of Bulggor’s existence and would have captured him to make a pact with him, promising that they would deliver him to King Henry X in return for helping them. destroy the ships of the Order which would be blocking and preventing the expansion of the dark armies of Dark Septus.Bulggor would have rejected the offer, gobbling the sorcerers and unleashing all their anger against everything related to humans …”-


Your mission is to face this infernal octopus and defeat it using all the power of your cards. Once you have completed this mission, you will enter a list of to win a silver card that exist in this first edition of 100 Darkwinds cards.

We are programming this mission as another official Darkwinds smart contract, so the official contest and loop drop can be scruitinized by players.

In addition, are working on other smart contract compatible with Darkwinds cards:

Cyclone, the smart contract that will allow you to send a card and return another random card of all the cards sent by the other players.

Tournament, the smart contract that will award weekly to the first place of the leaderboard, sending him a legendary card.

Pirate Gold, a smart contract that would give you a balance in presale Darkwinds II cards.

We invite you to play this first challenge and defeat the powerful Bulggor and be aware of the new events that lie ahead!


Become a crypto pirate!