Darkwinds for Windows and Mac

While our game can be played on any major browser, we now also make a Windows/Mac native app, for those who don't feel like playing in the browser. It provides a secure ethereum locally encrypted in your computer and faster graphics.

December 4, 2018. Category: development

While we love that our game can be played in Firefox and Chrome, some players prefer to play in a separate app, without the need to install a browser extension. We’ve been trying to do this for a while now, but finally both the Desktop and Web are ready for everyone to download. and play!

Hi-Res, Hi-FPS

When packaging the game for the Desktop computer, we can choose higher resolution assets for cards. And all the game content comes conveniently in 1 file so all the images, sounds will load very fast every time. And since it’s a separate process from the browser we can leverage additional CPU and GPU resources so the game runs even more smoothly.

The Desktop version performs much better when using hi-res assets

Security features

In the darkwinds servers, players are authenticated with their ethereum wallets, where a ‘seed phrase’ encrypted on the device is used to sign messages. Credentials never travel across the internet but only a signed message with the user authrization.

This also means we, the game company, don’t access to your account or trading cards. Anyone who loses his ‘seed phrase’ used for generating a private key, all the Darkwinds cards, ETH balance of that account is lost and irrecoverable.

In our Darkwinds native app for Windows and Mac we make it easy to create a secure ethereum wallet that is encrypted in your device. It also contains tools to export and back up your wallet.

Players of the Web version can also import their Metamask wallets to the Desktop version to play their already purchased cards.


You can get the Darkwinds native app for free from itch.io.

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